Attorney Services

What Can Our Gotham Bail Bonds Attorneys Do For You?

Gotham Bail Bonds offers a much lower discounted rate to all clients represented by an attorney. We offer 7% versus the traditional 10% Bail Bond Rate for Clients represented by an attorney.
With the ability to post bonds though out the state of California, and specializing in difficult underwriting bail, Gotham Bail Bonds is the perfect for solution for attorneys as we can post in any court or jail.

Our dedicated bail agent will:

  • Work with you one on one
  • Appear to all court dates as needed for your client
  • Post bail right away, and do the paperwork later, making bail speedy

As an attorney we understand your clients retention is very important, offering a lower rate lets your client know that you are looking out for them.

We are also recommend Criminal Defense Private Investigations through Najar Investigations.

Needing More Info?

If you are an attorney and would like more information regarding our attorney services, please contact: and one of our attorney specialists will get back to you promptly or call (866)955-2999 24/7