Client Testimonials

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Gotham Bail Bonds is an Angel ………I honestly was feeling hopeless and by the time I spoke with Gotham I was expecting to be disappointed, but to my surprise they were extremely helpful and any problems that I had going on they helped me sail threw smoothly, also I want to mention that I live in San Jose so they were able too help you from where you sit and over the phone So if your love one is having bad luck and gets locked up Gotham will help you get them out…… once again thank you Gotham Bail Bonds
– Yvonne

You hope to never need their services But If you are in a bind, You need to call them. They will go the extra mile They care about the people you care about. They are the ones who will make things happen. You can count on them. They know what to do and how to do it and make you feel comfortable.
– Irene

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to bail someone out Gotham Bail Bonds is the right place for you. I give this place 5 stars for their excellent customer service and their prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Overall made this awful situation much better knowing I’m in safe hands.
– Sue

Took a chance calling this place Don’t regret it at all Very professional staff great customer service. I needed to bail out a friend the last thing I needed was more stress. Finding someone that’s going to really help and be there for me was very important I’m glad Gotham Bail provided me excellent service they really made things easy and fast. I strongly recommend this place for your bail needs.
– Patty

Gotham Bail Bonds is as good as it gets! My experience here couldn’t have been better, needed a friend out right away and gave them a call. The people down at Gotham helped me out right away. They took care of the problem and made the whole process a breeze. Hopefully your never in a situation were you need them, but if you ever do they will not disappoint. Highly recommend Gotham Bail Bonds.
– Levon