The court assigns you a bail amount depending on your charges. You can pay the full amount to the court and bail yourself out or you can go through a bail agency like Gotham if you need help. What this means is Gotham will put up the entire amount of your bail at the price of 10% of the bail amount. The 10% is billed to the defendant and cosigner and is paid either in full or in monthly installations on a payment plan.

Jail Release times vary by county to county, usual times are 15 minutes to 4 hours.

The state of California requires bail agencies to bill clients at 10% of their bond premium amount. Take what bail amount the court quoted you and 10% is how much you must pay a bail agency to bail out. Gotham offers a variety of discounts saving you 30%. Call today and speak with an agent for discount qualifications.

Call our court services department at 800-978-5138 to acquire a reinstatement letter which you can provide to the court at a fee. Please call our court services department ahead of time if you think or know you may miss your court date.

Call our financial services department at 800-814-6829 before your payment is due to set up a payment arrangement.

Call 866-955-2999, Gotham’s 24/7 pick-up line

If your case is closed, dropped, or exonerated you are free from having to attend court however, all fees billed by your bail bondsmen must still be paid either in installations or in full as the service was provided in full as well.

Call our Financial Services department at 800-814-6829 and ask how you can apply for our Hardship program.